Sebastian Vettel and his childhood

"There is no success without struggle"

Sebastian Vettel is an F1 driver that has become a world champion this year. He's the youngest F1 world champion driver in this decade (I hope ever). Well, I don't know about his childhood, I just found some pics of his childhood (look at the above). And this is his childhood story,

Who's your hero, Seb?
If it comes to racing, the answer is Michael Schumacher. But when it comes to life, my father is my role model. He did a great job of bringing us all up.
My father used to do amateur hill-climbing in a Volkswagen Golf, and in my opinion he was very good. This was back in the 1980s and when he stopped I started. I was two years old when he bought me my first go-kart.
When I started racing at the age of seven he quit hill-climbing to give all his time to help me. I did karting until I was 15, and my dad was my mechanic for the whole time.

Did you miss out on your childhood?
No. My parents didn't push me to do anything I didn't want to do and when I started no one was talking about Formula One, we had no plan.
And really my childhood was pretty normal. I played spin the bottle like everyone else, and actually I had friends at the go-kart track too. After the practice we would say ciao to our fathers and play in the dirt with toy cars.
Some parents put too much pressure on their kids and this is not nice to see. Mine were not like this at all, they were pretty chilled out.

What's the naughtiest thing you did as a kid?
There was an anniversary party for a Mazda dealership, the boss of which was a friend of my father. I got a bit overexcited. My friends and I found some cans of spray paint, and we sprayed all over the cars. I was nine years old, and I got a few light slaps for it.

Your first test in an F1 car came quite early in your career. That must have been mindblowing.
Definitely. I drove a Williams-BMW at Jerez in September 2005, and it was the last V10 test. It was really impressive, I was amazed by the grip level and the braking performance. I was still racing F3 at this stage. I had gone straight from a 220bhp racing car to something with 900bhp! I hadn't practiced in a GP2 or F3000 car, it was straight in at the deep end.

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The fact, he's my life inspiration and can be my encouragement. Sometimes when I was mad, I don't know why his smile come into my mind and can make me smile together with his 'imagined' smile. Rarely or can be said never I saw he is moody, I ever seen him cry, cry because his pole position, or cry because his F1 world champion success. Yup that is the reason why I listed him to be my life inspiration :) Hope you can learn from his good life.



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